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What’s New for April 2014


-Arthur Ashe

The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office would like to say a big “Congratulations!” to all students as we come to the close of another academic year. It was a busy one but you made it! Best of luck to all those completing final projects, papers and exams. Here are some events and activities happening around the University for whenever you are ready to take crucial that study break!

More Events
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April 1, 11am-4pm, MW 130 (UTSC): Demystifying Judaism: From Stereotypes to Anti-Semitism. UTSC Jewish Student Life, with support from the Scarborough Campus Students Union and the Department of Student Life, is hosting the first full-day educational event about Judaism. A variety of dynamic installations will be organized to engage attendees in the various aspects of Judaism.

April 1, 6pm, Centre for International Experience (UTSG): Get a Life! The Yoga of Stress-busting and Desire-focusing. Join us for the Yoga of stress busting as we scan the world of our desires and try to build a clearer sense of desire and direction with travelling Monk Devamrita Swami. He has been a monk for over 4 decades and travels to top Universities around the world inspiring students. Enjoy too delicious dinner, mantra meditations and conversations with the monk.

April 2, 4:30pm-7:00pm, Croft Chapter House (UTSG): Over & Out Party. Join us for the Sexual Diversity Studies / Sexual & Gender Diversity Office Annual Over & Out End of Term Party! This event will be an opportunity to celebrate the end of a great year at SDS and the SGDO.  Also, the SDS Undergraduate Award recipients at this event, so please come out and show your support for your friends and colleagues!

April 2, 5pm-8pm, International Centre Atrium (UTSC): I GOT SOLE: A Panel Discussion on Sneaker Culture. Join the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, University of Toronto Scarborough and Pan Am for a panel discussion that explores the history of sneakers in urban subcultures; the politics and economics of sneaker culture; and how sneaker culture influences social identity.

April 2, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Edward Johnson Building (UTSG): World Music Ensembles Concert.

April 3, 4-6:30pm, Davis Building (UTM): A Celebration of Books at UTM. The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and the University of Toronto Mississauga Library are co-hosting a celebration of UTM authors and their books.

April 4, 2pm, Multi-Faith Centre (UTSG): PMU Presents: Migrant Minds – Mental Health and Immigration Discussion. Join the PMU for discussion on the intersections between race, immigration, and mental health + FREE REFRESHMENTS! Whether you come from an immigrant background yourself, here as an international student, or born in Canada, this is a great chance to critically discuss how our immigrant community face issues relating to mental health. All are welcome! Note that this event involves the engagement of students. Come by with whatever knowledge you have of mental health or immigration. The location is wheelchair accessible. Please email us at if you have any questions or accessibility concerns.

April 8, 3pm-5:30pm, 21 Sussex (UTSG): SGDO End-Of-Term Cupcake Social. Join us for cupcakes and connections as we recognize the dedicated involvement of countless students, staff and faculty that engage with our office and other groups, organizations and departments on campus in nurturing and supporting the development of our LGBTQ communities. Cupcakes, coffee, tea, snacks provided!

April 8, 6pm-8:30pm, Harvest Noon (UTSG): ProcrastiBaking – Vegan Baked Goods Swap. Join us at Harvest Noon Café to kick off our procrastination event series. If you need an excuse to procrastinate while being comforted by delicious vegan goodies and conversations with other equally stressed-out people, this is your chance.

April 11, 2pm-5pm, Koffler House (UTSG): Community Outreach & Engagement Network Spring Gathering. Members from campus clubs or organizations that are engaged with or would like to connect with the community are welcome. For more information about COEN click here or visit

May 17, 6pm, Living Arts Centre – Mississauga: Sync Afrique. Sync Afrique is the biggest African cultural show in the city of Mississauga. It serves as a platform for showcasing and channelling talent, professionalism, skill and energy towards the preservation of African culture and the exposure of individuals to the richness of Africa. The concept of Sync-Afrique is to showcase all parts of Africa through various forms of art (theatre, music, dance, fashion and poetry) all of which contribute towards the educative goal of the show. The show aims to eradicate stereotypes through education in an atmosphere of diversity, multi-ethnicity and tolerance.

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