Race & Faith Dialogue Series

The objective of the tri-campus “Race & Faith” dialogues, which started as the “Living Race & Living Faith” series during the 2012/13 academic year, is to create a platform for students in the University community to engage with the important topic of how race and faith manifest our lives; inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, we wish to explore the intersectional identities of race, ethnicity, religion, faith and beliefs and to raise awareness of the pertinent issues around the dynamics of these identities.

Why do this series?

With the growing diversity of our society, the tensions and difficulties in expressing faith, race, and creed have created some interesting social dynamics. Through the “Race & Faith” series, we explore these tensions and difficulties, seeking out individual experiences and analyses to better understand the nuances found when our complex identities interact with social systems and institutions. The theme of these discussions is based on previous dialogues where many students discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with navigating one's faith and race while studying at U of T. These dialogues serve to better inform the work of the ARCDO, including the programming offered to students, staff and faculty.

Format of the Dialogue

By posing critical questions, peer facilitators of the “Race & Faith” dialogues are meant to evoke critical discussion with students on the dynamics, challenges, and tensions that exist within our social experiences, as it pertains to the intersections of race and creed. As an example, the first in the series explored living race and living faith within the academic experience.

Dialogue Series Events

January 31, 2019
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) Conference

Digital banner for the 2019 IDERD Conference

March 21, 2019    |     9 AM – 4:30 PM    |    Hart House    |    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The IDERD Conference provides an opportunity for the engagement, discussion and strategizing around topics of race, anti-racism, systematic discrimination and critical race related issues in higher education.