Past Restore Programming – June 2020

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Talking about Racism at Home

June 11, 2020

This session was open to students, staff, faculty, librarians, chaplains, and community.

As conversations about racism impacting Black, Indigenous, Asian and many racialized communities increase in mainstream media, how are we translating this discussion into our personal lives particularly with children? This session discussed different techniques and strategies parents can engage in to discuss current events and overall conversations about the reality of race and racism with their children.

Event Recording

Let’s Talk Allyship and Solidarity

June 9, 2020

This session was open to students, staff, faculty, librarians, chaplains, and community.

What exactly do the words solidarity and allyship mean? What tools are needed to be an effective ally? Can allyship be a form of identity? This session discussed and reflected on more what it means to be an ally and to stand in solidarity in the fight to end anti-Black racism. This session was open to all persons.

Event Recording

Race & Healing: Black lives. Black Grief. Black Healing

June 5, 2020

This session was open to persons who identify as being members of the Black community. 

Participants held conversation and engaged in body movement to give space to emotions and fortify their resolve to ending anti-Black racism. The Hill Insider Restoration team facilitated a program of conversation and activity for healing, strength and empowerment. The session began with a guided discussion around honoring black lives, navigating through trauma and impacting change. The session included a meditation practice while sharing breathing techniques to manage anxiety, fear and stress. Finally, the session ended with a restorative yoga flow and movement practices that was designed to teach participants to hold loving space for themselves and their community. This session was not recorded.

Community Corner – Shared Healing. Shared Resilience

June 4, 2020

This session was open to students, staff, faculty, librarians, chaplains and community.

The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office joined the University of Toronto in denouncing Anti-Black racism in all its forms.. During difficult times of the summer of 202o, the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office invited the U of T community to join for a space of restoration and critical dialogue, while building community with colleagues.

This space centered a discussion with Black community leaders on the topic, “Tools for Speaking Up for Yourself”. This conversation explored anti-black experiences and the impact it has on our physical and mental health. This conversation also discussed tools for advocacy, courage and activism. This session was not recorded.