Connections & Conversations: UTSG

Welcome to the St. George Local Chapter of Connections and Conversations!

Connections and Conversations is a staff-driven initiative that provides a supportive network for racialized staff. The St. George chapter hosts monthly meetings as well as special events throughout the year. We value building community and creating brave spaces for honest dialogue and meaningful learning opportunities that promote equity and inclusion.

The St. George chapter:

  • Offers professional development opportunities to support our members in navigating and advancing within the University
  • Fosters a space for sharing experiences, de-stressing, and socializing, which facilitates peer-to-peer connection, informal mentorship and increases sense of belonging
  • Provides a forum for effective communication and information-sharing on issues affecting racialized and Indigenous members
  • Advocates for resources and support to address individual and systemic challenges faced by members

2019-2020 Executive Members

Joyce HahnChief Administrative Officer, Innis College
Sania HameedCareer Educator, Career Exploration & Education
Fareena MughalManager, Accounting & Budgeting, U of T Libraries, Faculty of Arts & Science
Paula SmellieBusiness Manager, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine

Event Schedule

The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month from 12:15-1:15pm. Send an e-mail to join the listserv and stay in the loop about upcoming meetings and related events.


We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting!